Dina Pavlis:

"I went into Digital Dunes Photography to obtain help with making slides from digital photos. Curt ended up referring me to an inter-net company that was able to help me at a reasonable price. The amazing thing is that Curt could have given me the business, but I would have paid a lot more for a different product. He put service ahead of profit...an honorable thing. Also, Curt recently took the wedding photos for a friend's wedding and did an excellent job. Highly recommended"


Sandra Skolrud Cramins:

"Curt is so incredibly talented, he took photo's of us and our 2 older dogs and we looked great. He took photo's of our old gentleman dog, Bailey aka Bubba, just a month before we lost Bailey. Those photo's are priceless. Thanks Curt, our walls are full of your talent."


John MacLean:

"Curt is your obvious go-to guy for all things photographic in Oregon. He keeps current with digital imaging trends, but is not trendy. His style is classy, and not your typically cheesy portrait studio junk. He takes time to listen to your needs and always does a bang up job to make you or your project look its best. I wholeheartedly recommend DDP for your next shoot."


Jamie Goratowski:

"So personable, talented and professional! Curt did a great job of wrangling my family around for photos even tho they were all being goofy, naughty and unruly! Pictures turned out absolutely beautiful!"


Pam Hickson:

"I am in awe of the countless hours that Curt puts into learning about digital photography, as well as the technical details to post-process and produce it! He evolves with the technology and strives to be the best at this craft that he not only knows, but LOVES!"


Heather Z:

"I am surprised I am the first to review this photographer.  I thought he was remarkable.  My husband and I were married recently (July 25) at Heceta Head Lighthouse on the west lawn, with the wonderful backdrop of the Pacific Ocean and the fabulous fog rolling into the area.  It was glorious...and it went by so fast I nearly forgot who was there...or what we did!"

"The photos on-line were spectacular.  The moments I didn't see or those which I couldn't remember or even imagine were so beautiful...well, he caught them all."

"I am not sure how much he cost because he was included as part of a package...and that was an even bigger surprise. I was married at Heceta Head Lighthouse and I am typically very wary of "package deals" but not of this one...EVERYTHING in the package was top notch - especially the photographer."

"I would highly recommend Digital Dunes if you are getting married anywhere on the coast...he is a pro, and frankly, a delight to work with."


Kim C:

"I have worked with Curt both professionally and personally.  He has gone out of his way with my customers feel like they are his only client.  He is always quick to reply with answers and his professional attitude always shines through. On a personal note, I was honored for Curt to take my family and wedding photos in December.  There were so many family members and everyone had an opinion on what/how they wanted to be photographed.  He made everyone feel at ease and has worked with each family member to make sure they got the shot they wanted. I would highly recommend Curt for all your photo needs - he is spectacular!"


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