• Event Photography
What is Event Photography?
Digital Dunes Photography can photograph your special event.  Sports, Parties, Anniversaries,
Baptisms, Birthdays, Corporate Parties, Clubs, Shows, you name it, we'll shoot it!  Events are not
family portraits.  shoot large groups and families at an event, they are very informal and are great
memories, but not portraits.  If you are looking to get family portraits, please go to the
 Studio Prices.

All events will be posted at our on-line store and prints can be ordered on-line as well.  We have a
Four Hour Minimum, but offer 5 different packages.  Depending upon location distance, some pricing
may be different.  Call us at: 541-902-8748 for more info or to book a date.

Package 1:  4 Hours Shooting of Event.  $200.00
Package 2:  5 Hours Shooting of Event.  $250.00
Package 3:  6 Hours Shooting of Event.  $300.00
Package 4:  7 Hours Shooting of Event.  $350.00
Package 5:  8 Hours Shooting of Event.  $400.00
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